Yale University

Alexandra Gartner is a junior at Yale University, where she is a JBG Scholar majoring in Electrical Engineering with a career goal of helping to put humans on Mars. Alex has worked at NASA's Langley Research Center and has been a member of the team building Yale's first CubeSat. Alex lives in Arlington, VA.

Michael provenzano

Carnegie Mellon University

Mike is a MBA Candidate at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. He is co-founder and president of a 90+ student organization at Tepper that connects passionate students with professionals and companies in the space industry. He recently joined CubeRover as president, a subsidiary of Astrobotic focused on commercializing and democratizing access to planetary surfaces using robotic rovers and hosted payload services. CubeRover plans to standardize and reduce the barriers to entry for planetary exploration, while promoting flexible payload arrangements to serve its customers' needs. Prior to CubeRover, he founded and led an NSF funded project focused on electromagnetic transportation from the lunar surface and worked at Boeing on the Space Launch System.

ALEjandro castillo

University of Colorado, Boulder

Alejandro Castillo was born in Texas and raised in Nicaragua for 18 years to American-Nicaraguan parents. He developed a deep passion for both Aeronautics and Astronautics since a young age despite the limited exposure he had in a country like Nicaragua. He always dreamed of becoming involved in the field and chose to make it a reality by committing to study Aerospace Engineering. He is now a Sophomore at the University of Colorado, Boulder where he is part of the Aerospace Engineering class of 2020. Alejandro is involved in many Aerospace related activities outside of class like the the University’s rocketry team as well as being in the process of getting his private pilots license.


Tuskegee University

Joshua Gaston is a dual major of Aerospace Engineering and Physics. Joshua tutors in Math/Physics at Tuskegee University Center for Academic Excellence and is working on obtaining his private pilot license. He aspires to graduate at Tuskegee University as Summa Cum Laude and use the information gained from Tuskegee University to become an astronaut at NASA.


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